artist statement

With these pieces I am inviting people to consider Cannabis as a flowering plant.  I have found that combining the artistic methods of relief sculpture and still life rendering are the most effective for capturing the many layers of textures and colors the plant possesses.  I am using these methods because they are familiar to everyone, and, in doing so, common ground is created.  The combination of methods also creates a direct correlation to the many different connotations of Cannabis.  

I am hoping that people will be able to look at my pieces as flowers. Perhaps, someone who has never seen a Cannabis plant can look at my work and appreciate its many layers of texture and color. It is my hope that with this appreciation will come a softer perception of Cannabis — a perception that helps everyone come to the understanding that this is a beautiful flower that helps many people, not a harmful drug that needs to be feared and controlled.  


about the artist

Alyssa Serpentini is an architectural artisan who specializes in custom wall finishes for private and commercial spaces. Her cannabis paintings, upholstered architecture, faux finishes, and large-scale bas relief murals have been featured in The Summit Daily, The Parade of Homes, Luxe Magazine, Summit Magazine, and more. She works nationally and focuses on innovation, mixing mediums, and unconventional techniques to provide her clients with exclusive works uniquely complimentary to their styles and spaces. Her work often includes sculptural illustrations, incorporating objects within wall surfaces, and sometimes embedding fabrics, laces, and small mirrors to maximize texture and light. 

You can check out more of her work and processes at